Relationships magnify an experience.

Tony Robbins

If you take a moment to think about a time you did something exciting or fun, something that you remember vividly then there is a good chance the experience will be accompanied by the presence of some other people, whether they be work colleagues, friends, family or an intimate partner such as your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. The experience flourished and became what it was likely due to the fact that there were special people to share it with.

Relationships come in many forms; business, online, friendships, family or intimate. If the idea of a relationship challenges you or you are currently in one that is a challenge then I hope that the following words help to offer some clarity in an area of life that could very well be a place of absolute pain for many. For many others however a relationship can be an absolutely blissful and fruitful place to be, one that meets all six human needs on a deep, purposeful, passionate and often intimate level.

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For those that don’t share deep and fulfilling relationships, in any area of their life then it’s important to get clarity as to why not. Is there something holding you back or are you fearful of something that may come with having a relationship? Have you been “burned” in a relationship before and have lost your confidence in what they stand for?

I don’t know your story, and as a level of humble respect I don’t expect to understand your situation completely, however I will say this – relationships are a two way street, on one side of the street there are six human needs to be met, and they are, in no order, significance, certainty, variety, love, growth and contribution, the latter two being of the soul, or universal consciousness, the spirit if you will. These needs need to be met by one partner in that relationship for fulfilment to occur. On the other side of the street are those same needs, and they need to be met by the other partner just as equally. It’s important to realise this shouldn’t be a trade off. The desire to want to fulfil the other persons needs should be natural and without too much resistance. If this underlying principle is not being met then it might be time to start reviewing your relationship and really look at improving it or otherwise considering whether it is right for the both of you.

If you are not in a relationship, ask yourself, what needs do I value and how would I like them met? Equally, if I was to attract the ideal person who could meet my needs on a deep and meaningful level, what values would I have to live by to attract them? Who do I have to be in order to have the right person meet those needs for me? Getting clarity in this area is the first step to attracting the right person into a mutual and passionate relationship.

Me and my beautiful wife...
Me and my beautiful wife…

If you are in an intimate relationship and it’s fantastic, meaningful, passionate, and loving then congratulations! I would like to mention a few things… Maintain polarity, it is absolutely necessary that a masculine energy is complimented by a feminine energy. And equally important and vice versa, a feminine energy is best complimented by a masculine energy. Don’t forget to continue to do the things that you did when you both fell in love. Remember, love is a verb. If you want to love someone, then, love them. You do love. You feel love when you do things for the other person that brings them absolute love and joy, that makes them feel valued. Keep writing those love letters, put them under the pillow, sprinkle that love dust on the meal you cook them or the hot drink you make them, keep it fun and playful. Keep dating each other. Go on picnics. Have romantic baths and massages. Try new things in the bedroom and don’t be afraid to talk openly and explore new things with each other.

Intimacy when shared between two people truly in love is a gift.

It is my intention that all of your relationships flourish. At the end of the day, love is all we really need.

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2 thoughts on “How to attract the perfect relationship

  1. What a BRILLIANT post – my favorite part was the very last paragraph, because it’s so true. Thank you for such an inspirational post, love is so much fun, and reading this was a beautiful reminder!

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