When was the last time you had a deep conversation with the most significant person in your life… Yourself? That’s right, I said it, a conversation with yourself. Throughout the day without you being aware, you are having an unconscious conversation about many things, at any one time, filtered by your values and beliefs. But when was the last time you “controlled” the conversation, a conscious conversation with yourself? Today is your opportunity.

Words are extremely powerful. Our internal self-talk, our internal vocabulary is enormously significant.

Our feelings are directly affected by both our internal and external vocabulary. Ultimately, our words and feelings create our reality.

Here are a few points to get the conversation started;

  • Some people go the whole way and look themselves in the mirror and talk away. Try it today! Ask YOURSELF honest questions, and probe yourself for answers. This will often bring you insights and answers to questions you have been seeking resolutions for but may have been having trouble getting answers too.
  • Have you ever taken the time to listen to yourself speak and monitor the frequency of the words you speak internally and externally? Today make it one of your objectives to listen to the self talk you do. Take notice of the words you speak or talk to yourself. Are they positive or are they negative? Today, make it one of your goals to speak only in terms of positivity.
  • Chose positive words over negative words. If you say a negative word give yourself a little pinch so you force yourself to recognise the language you speak. Replace words like “I can’t” with “It’s more than possible”, “It’s hard” with “This is an opportunity”, “It will take long” with “I get to do this”, “I’ll try” with “I will!”, “I don’t know” with “I’m having a breakthrough”.

Do these simple yet transforming actions starting from today and notice the difference. You will soon realise how much negativity you speak and this will be a big eye opener for many of you as to why your life may or may not be the way you want it to be.

Your external world is simply the mirror reflection of your internal world.

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