A month in the life of a business operator in 2 minutes

Hey you! Yes! You! How you doin’?

You’ve got two minutes right? I’ve got a few accomplishments to share with you… Why? Because I want you inspired! I know you did some cool stuff too in April and I want you to reflect on what you did too… I thought if I go first we can get the ball rolling for you…

April for me was one of the craziest months of 2014 thus far. It saw the second month of this blog here at ivansiladji.com. I have still been getting new followers, especially after each post which I’m so grateful for. I really value each of you who have taken the time to follow my blog and click like on the posts and share them. It really means a lot and makes me heaps pumped to give more inspiration and share awesome experiences about the entrepreneurial journey that we are all on.

Health wise this month was lacking a bit but since my second last post about a bathroom and Easter I have stuck to my promise and my energy is already picking up and I am feeling the buzz already (wwoooooottttt!!!!!!).

I did a number of shoots in my photography business including a model shoot, family portraits, a birthday and another baptism (baptisms have been popular for me). I produced some really great work in Photoshop and continued to learn some awesome stuff in Lightroom which is always super cool.

I finally got around to recording episode 4 of my online TV series called Siladji Photography TV (you can check out the series on YouTube).

We moved into a new family home and I’m in the middle of redesigning my new office which is such a vital part of my life. My office is my personal space and “zone” where productivity is everything. It’s my “man cave”.

My wife is getting stronger and stronger contractions each week so we are looking forward to the birth of our little baby girl to add to our little family.

We produced another great financial result last weekend with a few hours of productive output producing again an average weekly salary in just a few hours of our own time on our terms. This demonstrated yet again the financial rewards of being entrepreneurs. We managed to balance it quite well along side our current jobs so we ought to be proud of that.

Guys and gals… Be proud of your accomplishments. As you approach the end of this month of April take a few moments to reflect back on what you achieved. It will attract so much more for you and give you the clarity you need to press forward working on your goals.

As we enter the month of May here in Australia in just over ten minutes to midnight I have my plan in place for the week which is geared towards getting results for the quarter. I hope you too are inspired and pumped for May. It can be an EPIC month of results if you choose to focus on it.

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