I am a bit of a productivity man-whore. I love productivity. I love efficiency. I love getting things done and when I’m not productive I don’t like it at all. It sucks. A bit obsessed much?

I’m also an Evernote man-whore. I recently watched a video from one of my favourite fellow brand and marketing peeps Alex Beadon from alexbeadon.com, she is super cool so check her out. You can see the video I watched here. In the video (without giving too much of a spoiler since I hate spoilers) she talks about setting up a “Daily Reminders” notebook within Evernote. Within my own Daily Reminders notebook I have setup a note which I called “Daily Rituals” which outlines in bullet point form the key daily tasks or rituals that I consider absolute minimum and non-negotiable activities that I must do each day. These include reviewing my journal, hydrating, alkalising, ticking things off my daily to-do list and reviewing my weekly plan as well as setting up the reminder for the next day to open up my Daily Rituals note again. This note serves as a friendly reminder to do the small things each day, that is, my daily rituals so I can perform at my best.

The very act of reminding myself each day of these things, and importantly, reminding myself to review my daily to-do list and weekly plan has super charged my productivity again this week. I will be writing a post for you soon that outlines the exact way I plan my my year, quarters, months, weeks and days so you can see exactly how I structure everything successfully. I can’t wait to share it with you all.

To get your productivity boost I highly recommend downloading Evernote across on your computer and mobile devices. It’s free too which is sweet! You can get it here.

I love reading people’s comments. If you use Evernote I’d love to here about it. Leave me a comment telling me how you use it to supercharge your productivity. If it’s something new to you share with me how you might like to use it.

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