I was really looking forward to Easter, infact, we got through a massive two weeks which included moving into a new home, spending a night at the hospital with our little boy who was unwell, a few “this could be it moments” with my wife’s pregnancy, juggling different night shift work hours, running businesses… you get the picture… the point is that a lot has been happening lately and at some points I have had a real challenge keeping up and my body shut down, it had enough.

There lies my Easter Sunday crawled up in a ball from bed to bathroom, shivering, loosing fluids, fever… It hit me… My health was not a priority anymore and there was no way I could keep going this year achieving any level of success in this state. I just seem to be “getting sick” all too often.

It was at that moment, in between the bathroom and being curled up on a bed shivering while feeling a fever that I said enough is enough. I made myself a promise. I will start being truly grateful for everything. I will start going green again.

A few years ago I went all out Alkalarian and loved it. I was on top of the world with energy. My body wouldn’t break down. Then I got sloppy. Then I binged on takeout and shit went down hill to put it blunt. I have always been a big pusher for green eating but at times I wasn’t following my own preaching. My body knew it and it punched me where it hurt.

That Easter Sunday I made myself a promise that has started to change my life again for the better. There has been leafy greens and fresh tomatoes on my plate again, steamed asparagus and wheatgrass, hydrating with water and a conscious effort to stay away from processed sugars.

I know that it will take a few days to get my energy back into the green again. I also know that the feeling of being charged with energy plays such a huge part in being able to actually achieve what you set out to accomplish since our body is the vehicle to get us to the destinations we choose.

I hope your are all have a great week. Do yourself a favour this week. Make a conscious effort to say no to processed foods, sugars, takeout, caffeine etc. Go for an apple, a glass/shot of wheatgrass, a smoothie, a bottle of water instead. Your body will thank you for it. Mine is.

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