Grab a sledge hammer… You’ll need it for this!

You have set your mind to achieve something… you’ve got some clarity… you have decided on a few things you want to manifest AND you have taken some form of action to get the ball rolling… then something strange happens… You hit a wall!

Why is this?

Why do we hit walls when things seem to be “going good”? What can we actively do to go through the wall? One reason why the wall likes to show up is that sometimes when we decide to do, get, be or make something and we start to build momentum we meet the need of certainty once we start. Acheiving something feels good, as it should. Feeling like “things are starting to come along” feels good too. You feel like you have broken the drought. This may last a day, a few days, or a week but then your mind starts to feel content because the certainty was met (temporarily) when in actuality you may not have yet achieved exactly what you set out to get in the first place.

Because people feel certain at this point they let their guard down and ease off the accelerator a bit and things start to slow down. This is when it’s time to grab a sledge hammer, move into second gear and pick your game up.

The first step is realisation that this initial illusion of success is life’s indicator to keep going as you’re not quite there yet. When you achieve the goal, you will know – if you have chosen to chase one that has definiteness of purpose that is.

To overcome this “wall phenomenon” it’s important to reflect back on the days that you were making progress and realise that this feeling of “a wall” need only be temporary and is an indication you have been moving in the right direction (if your were not ‘moving’ you wouldn’t of ran into a wall now would you buddy?).

Reflect on why you are doing what you’re doing and look ahead to what you are going to do next to take another step forward.

Chunking your goals down into daily goals will help you keep up any momentum that you have gained and it will make maintaining your focus a whole lot easier. Maintain a peak state, one of confidence in your ability to achieve your dream and use only language that is positive, empowering and encouraging to yourself. Your self talk plays a HUGE part in your current state. Lastly, maintain a physiology that resembles that of whom you ultimately want to be and have fun with it, otherwise, whats the point right?

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