I’m sure you will agree with me that sometimes our to do list, no matter how hard we work on “ticking” off the tasks that await our attention, just doesn’t seem to be getting smaller. This can often be overwhelming and without the right focus and belief about the whole thing it can often make getting through the list even harder than it otherwise should be.

Have you ever heard the old saying that you can only do today’s work today and you should leave tomorrows work for tomorrow? You need to find balance in what you do. When it comes to the end of the day you should reflect on what you have achieved, on any bit of progress and celebrate that, especially if you know you have done your absolute best.

For those tasks that could very well carry you through the night, you need to realise that somethings are better left for the next day if they are beyond reasonable to accomplish today. You will normally find that doing so will produce a better result anyway as you will be better focused and will have had time to re-energise.

When it comes to the end of the day reflect on your results, plan for tomorrow and get back to it. Enjoy the journey of making progress.

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