For many of you around the globe today is Sunday/Monday and many of you may have by now self diagnosed yourself with that dreaded “Mondayitis” syndrome that likes to creep its way at around 4pm on Sunday when you begin to go into “dread mode” for the week ahead. This is not helping you at all!
Why is it that so many people suffer job dissatisfaction? Is it really “the job” itself that people are dissatisfied with or is it the fact that they could think of a million other things they’d rather be doing? Or is it both?

I’m not going to try and tell you for a second that you should settle for anything less than the best but I was hoping you’d give me a moment to give my humble opinion on how you can either attract something better or make the journey until you find something better a little easier.

Most people take on a job to meet one or more of the six human needs, be it certainty, uncertainty, connection, growth, contribution or significance. The idea is that having a job will provide financial security, either temporarily or indefinitely for some, depending on their goals and intentions. For others having a job meets the need of significance where by you might lead a team or run a department, or even the business or company itself. For others the job provides uncertainty or variety from an other wise mundane life. Whatever the reason, some part of your belief system feels that having a job will meet these needs. If your job makes you happy and meets your needs then a huge high-five to you, nothing beats being happy. For those saying, “Tell me about, I can’t wait to leave this place!” then we need to talk here for a moment.

Ask your self a few questions, you deserve to get clarity about why you do what you do, so let’s do it together. Open your personal journal and let’s answer the following questions by brainstorming;

  1. Why are you working? What are your goals?
  2. Why did you take the job in the first place? What was your intention?
  3. How long do you/did you “plan” on staying in that job?
  4. Feeling how you do right now, in this moment, what are you manifesting?
  5. What positives does your job bring you? What could it bring you if you wanted it to?
  6. What would you have to focus on in your job in order to achieve your goals?
  7. If you could find some harmony in your job, what would it mean to you achieving your goals?
  8. If you job was a “relationship” between you and it, how does that relationship look?
  9. What parts of your goals does your job offer the potential to help achieve?

By answering these questions you begin to get clarity around what our job does for us and what we do for our job. By thinking about our job as a “relationship” between the both of you then you can start to focus more on better fulfilment of your needs and also metaphorically meet the needs of your job.

Just like any relationship where it is imperative that the needs of both involved are met towards each other, a job is also a two way street. Take a look at the goals you wrote in your journal. As it stands right now, on your part, treating your job, and the feelings you have towards it, how much honour do you think your job should return in delivering on what you need to achieve your goals? If you were your job would you honour the achievement of your goals?

When you treat life bad, you receive equal back. It’s no different when it comes to “respecting” your job. You may not get along well with the people in it, or the management team, but the job itself, what “it” does for you deserves appreciation.

Form a bond between your job and set the rules for the playing field. Like all relationships, some ground rules need to be established, standards that can’t be compromised on. And remember, it’s a two way street. You meet needs, it meets needs.

To help yourself along the way in this process, use only words of self empowerment, of self encouragement, coach yourself, be your own personal mentor (until you find one), speak only that which you want, and that which you can give. Speak only in terms of gratitude and speak like that whom is represented by who you will be once you achieve your goal.

By shifting your focus and intentions to one of mutual cooperation, things will begin to change and one day you may find yourself and your goals and intentions outgrowing the “job relationship”. The same might also be “felt” by “your job” in which case you can both move forward to bigger things with a clear conscious and gratitude for the gifts exchanged.

Embrace Sunday. Embrace Monday. Besides, life is good when you’re grateful anyway. 

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