Hey You!

As promised here it is… a whole bunch of things I achieved in March. I really wanted to share these with you for a number of reasons. Firstly, writing this is a process of feeling gratitude for me and helps me realise how much I actually do and it prepares me for the second quarter (WHICH STARTS TODAY.. WOOT!). Secondly, and importantly…

It is my hope that it will inspire you to do stuff, important stuff, productive stuff, the kind of stuff that puts meaning into the word, personal development and entrepreneur’ing as I like to call it.

Here we go…

My Productivity Pulse on RescueTime was 80…

RescueTime Productivity Pulse
My March Productivity Pulse…

 I started learning a musical instrument… Doot doot doot do dooo!

I took 1154 photos across my shoots this month… that’s a lot of processing to do!

I started ivansiladji.com, boo-yeah!

I started ivansiladji.com… For all things being a Dad, Husband and Entrepreneur and juggling it all while having fun!

I did plaster painting with my son… 

Plaster Painting with My Son...
Plaster Painting with My Son…

Planned an awesome on location photo shoot… I’m working with a team of 7 talented members including models, make up artists, hair stylists, designers…

Had this awesome entrée at a seafood restaurant in Sydney with my wife…

Seafood Entree in Sydney
Seafood Entree in Sydney

Blogged over 4000 words on ivansiladji.com… not bad for a start! What do you think?

NAILED the planning for Q2… I’m ready for super productivity…

Q2 Planning
Quarter 2 Planning NAILED!

In three hours made more money than the average weekly income with my wife with our businesses and will do it again this weekend… Who said what about a recession??? 

Became quite proficient with Adobe Premiere Pro… I am doing a video production for the scientific community (science is what I do when I’m not entrepreneur’ing)

I could go on forever but I guess you get the gist of it.. I hope you are all ready for Q2, I know I am… I have my plan in place, my goals are clear and I am ready to achieve so much, knocking off many small steps to my bigger goals for 2014.

If you don’t take the time to review your days, weeks and months then I urge you to start doing so. It’s such a powerful process to track your progress but it’s also like giving yourself a pat on the back for all the awesome stuff you get done.

I love to read comments. Click “LEAVE A COMMENT” on the left side of this post telling me if you go through this process of reviewing achievements, and if you do, how often… daily, weekly, monthly?

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