The weekend just past was a fantastic weekend for my family of 3.5. There was a balance of work productivity and quality time with my family, although in our busy entrepreneurial / work lives this may not always be the case.

My weekend saw a family dinner, a productive photography editing session (where I learnt a lot and produced some great work), a date in darling harbour with my beautiful wife, capturing an awesome family portrait session for a client followed by a fun filled family day around Sydney’s Fox Studios.

Amongst all of this I learnt a very important and valuable lesson. Towards the end of my editing session my little boy said:

“Daddy, no more photos! Come-om, sit [with] me.”

I had pre-planned how much time I would spend doing the editing session based on my intended time frame for delivering the end package to this particular client, but as every entrepreneur would appreciate, sometimes we say, “just a couple more minutes”, since we are in the flow, which can easily turn into hours. When my son said “no more photos” it was a reminder that I needed to keep true to my heart and my timeframe

Sometimes I intentionally allocate extra hours of work to get things done, but we need balance. By having a balance of work and play I have come back Monday and have again produced some even better results and learnt, yet again, some great skills in my workflow (I use the Adobe CC Suite, all self taught, so learning new things is always rewarding).

Yes, as entrepreneurs we work hard, very hard at times, but it means nothing when you don’t make time for your family/friends. All we really have is time, how well do you balance it?

Leave me a comment below of a way you find time to balance work and life.

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