Second Quarter is Near… Your dreams still have time though!

2nd Quarter Calendar
2nd Quarter is nearing… It’s not too late!

We are just days away from the end of the 1st quarter and with the April 1st approaching we are about to enter the 2nd quarter of 2014 which means one HUGE thing… It’s time to ramp up all our efforts moving into Q2 towards realising any goals we have set for 2014. If you haven’t set any goals yet then now might be a really good time to get cracking since you have a fresh part of the year to join us.

As we approach April 1st my intention for this post is to urge you to join me in doing the following;

  1. Review your journal and your vision for 2014.
  2. Reflect on your accomplishments from the 1st quarter thus far, what did you achieve in your business, family life, work life etc.
  3. Plan and review the action steps you will take in Q2.

It’s a powerful time of year and big dreams are on the line. If you’re serious about manifesting all that you want in 2014 then join me on 31st March as I review my own 1st quarter and get set for the awesomeness that continues in 2014.

To lead the way I will be sharing with all of you my achievements for the month of March later this week (which I am so damn excited to do!).

My call to action for you right now is to schedule in your calendar a reminder to review Q1 at the end of this month. Go on, open up your calendar, diary, Evernote, reminders… whatever your preferred tool is and SCHEDULE IT! Your dreams won’t wait.

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