The one thing that has helped me achieve more in 2014 than the entire year of 2013

I hope your having a marvellous week so far where ever you are reading this from in the world. A big thank you to those people that have followed my blog already. I have WordPress set up to notify me of each new follower and I’m humbled to see the emails coming in. I am seeing people from all walks of life, interesting people, men and women, themselves who are blogging great content, following my blog already. Thank “YOU”.

My intention for today’s blog is to get you on your way to an extraordinary process I go through regularly that has literally helped me make more progress in the first quarter of 2014 than I did the entire year of 2013. That process is journaling.

Journal of Ivan Siladji
The very own journal I use

Now, before we begin, if your like me and don’t like writing the words “dear diary” or “dear journal”, that’s fine. You can keep a diary for that process, which works great for some people too. The journaling process I will share with you is one that acts like a personal mentor, a personal tool that keeps you accountable, that gets you to take action.

By the end of this post you will;

  1. Learn how to journal for “results”
  2. Learn what the powerful first few pages of your journal will include and what your will fill it with
  3. Learn about the number one app that I use to take journaling to another level and where to download it
  4. Start your very own journal

So, let’s get into this awesome post so we can get back to doing awesome things that make life, well, even more awesome.

How to Journal for results

If your like me and want to get results, measurable results, and keep your self on track when you feel your feet heading into a ditch, then you will want a functional process to do this. The journal acts as a real time guidance system to show you where you have been, where you are and where you need to go in order to fulfil your goals, your ultimate vision. If you are not quite clear about your vision then it may be a great idea to check out my first post here. You will want to make journaling a regular process, daily if you can but at the very least in needs to be used weekly, at minimum.

Keep your journal either on your bedside, your desk or wherever you retreat to for your personal space. If you can afford to invest the money in a good quality journal I recommend it, if not a note book is just as good – it’s what goes in it that counts. I was fortunate to receive my current journal from my Dad as a gift – it’s a beautiful hand crafted piece with amazing textured paper and carries a unique smell from the leather and paper. If I wasn’t able to afford this I would of saved up for something like this eventually anyway. The pen you use is important too, if you like smooth writing ink like I do, then go on the hunt for some good ink.

This may seem trivial but since your journaling will invest so much in you, you will want to return the favour.

The first pages of your journal and onwards

The first page is your title. I titled my Journal “My Story. The Journal – The Record.” which to me is significant since I am of the belief that everything in my life that happens, happens as part of the story to be told about Ivan Siladji. May seem corny but it works for me and forms part of my own self talk.

The next page or two, for me, unfolded while listening to music and writing down all the questions that came into mind about where I am right now in life, questions like… “What do I want for 2014”?, “What do I want my life to look like in 2014?”, “What do I need to do in order to achieve my dreams in 2014?”. I didn’t write the answers to these questions, just the questions themselves. You can answer them if you like.

The next few pages were about reflection. I wrote down all the things I achieved and was grateful for in 2013. If you are just starting out I encourage you to still do this. If you like you can start from this first quarter of 2014. Whatever feels inspirational.

The next page is what you will title “2014. What do I want? What MUST I have?”. This is self explanatory. This is where you list your main goals. I will be writing you a post about goal setting which will clarify this for you even more soon but for now you can think about the 3-5 goals you would like to achieve in 2014.

The next pages in your journal offer you a place to break down the steps that you think will help you achieve each of these goals. You will add more to these steps I can assure you but for now you want to get the brain focused on ACTION steps you could take to turn these goals in to a reality.

From here on in you will always go back to these first sections of your journal. Use different colours for titles or sections if you like for a better visual experience or organisation. I personally have just purchased a 4-colour pen that I think will do the job perfectly.

For now and forever you will visit your journal daily if not at least weekly at minimum. Use your journal to organise your daily rituals, daily plans, weekly to do’s, brainstorming ideas for your business(s), expressing thoughts and journaling what you have done lately. This last point is very powerful as you will quickly see that the very act of writing down what you have been doing to achieve your goals and being honest about what you haven’t been doing is a great way to kick your ass back into line. I also use my journal as a portable vision board (an extension to the one on my office wall) as I have my dream home stuck inside it too for example.

The brilliant app that accompanies my journal

One of my most favourite apps that is on my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro is EVERNOTE. If you haven’t got it then you must. You can get it here. I don’t get commission for recommending this, I’m just a fan. I use this to record notes, voice notes, add reminders etc. plus a whole lot more awesome features, when I’m not carrying my journal. Sometimes I transcribe things back into my journal later for clarity and to keep it in my journal if I feel it’s needed there. I cannot recommend Evernote enough.

How to get started

The only way to get started is to make a decision and take action. Decide to do this. Just decide! If you haven’t already started by the end of this post then I would hope you have scheduled a time today to get a journal or notebook and START. The only way to do it, is, well, to do it! Remember, grab hold of that stallion, grow some and do it. Life isn’t going to wait for you. You have take control. If you want it bad enough in life you will do it. That is all.

Leave me comment below telling me 1. If you use a journal, 2. Share a point you think I could benefit from too that is working from you or might work for others.


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